News from Our Partners

The following are news releases issued by MARCO and its partner organizations related to ocean planning topics in the Mid-Atlantic region.

(Updated 7/1/21)

BOEM: BOEM Announces Environmental Review of Proposed Wind Energy Facility Offshore Virginia, 7/1/21

BOEM: BOEM Announces Upcoming Environmental Review for a Proposed Wind Project Offshore New York and New Jersey, 6/17/21

USDOI: Biden-Harris Administration Proposes Competitive Lease Sale for Offshore Wind Development for New York and New Jersey, 6/11/21

BOEM: BOEM, Army Corps, and State of Maryland Enter Agreement for Sand Resources, 5/6/21

NJBPU: NJBPU Announces Major Step Forward in Offshore Wind Goals with Launch of First-of-its-Kind Competitive Solicitation, 4/15/21

BOEM: BOEM Advances Offshore Wind in Major U.S. East Coast Energy Market, 3/29/21

BOEM: BOEM Announces Environmental Review of Proposed Wind Energy Facility Offshore New Jersey, 3/29/21

USDOI: Interior Announces Series of Tribal Consultations in Recognition of the Importance of Nation-to-Nation Relationship, 2/11/21

BOEM: BOEM Releases Draft Environmental Analysis for Offshore Wind Energy Project, 1/5/21

BOEM: BOEM Harnessing Citizen Science with New Ocean Alert Mobile App, 11/19/20

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities: NJBPU Moves to Make New Jersey First State to Align Offshore Wind Transmission Policy with Regional Plan, 11/18/20

BOEM: BOEM Announces Availability of Marine Minerals Program Citizen’s Guide, 8/11/20

BOEM: BOEM Completes Six-Year Submerged Paleocultural Landscapes Project, 6/30/20

BOEM: BOEM Releases Additional Analysis for Offshore Wind Project, 6/11/20

U.S. Coast Guard: Fifth Coast Guard District Commander signs final rule establishing anchorage near Cape Charles, Virginia, 5/28/20

NOAA Office of Coast Survey: Explore the refreshed ENC-based NOAA Custom Chart Tool, 5/18/20

MARCO/Responsible Offshore Development Alliance: New Partnership Will Update and Improve Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Commercial Fisheries Data Products, 4/28/20.

State of New Jersey: Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order to Increase Offshore Wind Goal to 7,500 Megawatts by 2035, 11/19/19

BOEM: Notice of Availability of Guidelines for Lighting and Marking of Structures Supporting Renewable Energy Projects, 10/24/19

State of New York: Governor Cuomo Executes the Nation's Largest Offshore Wind Agreement and Signs Historic Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, 7/18/19

BOEM: BOEM Announces Next Steps for Proposed New York – New Jersey Wind Energy Transmission Line, 7/17/19

BOEM: New BOEM Report Projects Future Offshore Sand Resource Needs, 7/12/19

State of New Jersey: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Awards Historic 1,100 MW Offshore Wind Solicitation to Ørsted’s Ocean Wind Project, 6/21/19

WHITE HOUSE: Proclamation on National Ocean Month, 5/31/19

BOEM: New OceanReports Tool Brings Ocean Data to Your Fingertips, 4/22/19

Dept. of Energy: Powering the Blue Economy: Exploring Opportunities for Marine Renewable Energy in Maritime Markets, April 2019

NOAA Fisheries: NOAA, BOEM, and Fishing Industry Sign New Memorandum of Understanding, 3/26/19

BOEM: BOEM’s New National Marine Minerals Information System Enhances Coastal Recovery and Resilience Planning, 2/14/19

BOEM: BOEM Announces Availability of Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Wind Energy Facility Offshore Massachusetts, 11/30/18

BOEM/DOI: Trump Administration Delivers Historic Progress on Offshore Wind, 10/18/18

State of New Jersey: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Opens Largest Single-State Offshore Wind Solicitation in the Country, 9/18/18

BOEM: BOEM Seeks Comment on Draft Environmental Assessment for Offshore Sand Survey Activities, 8/10/18

NOAA: NOAA Report on the U.S. Ocean and Great Lakes Economy: Regional and State Profiles, 8/8/18

Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council: MAFMC and NEFMC Launch Northeast Offshore Wind Webpage, 7/11/18

WHITE HOUSE: Executive Order Regarding the Ocean Policy to Advance the Economic, Security, and Environmental Interests of the United States, 6/19/18

WHITE HOUSE: President Donald J. Trump is Promoting America’s Ocean Economy, 6/19/18

NOAA Digital Coast: Tool Reduces Ocean Conflicts, 6/5/18

BOEM: BOEM Extends Comment Period for Seeking Information and Industry Interest in Offshore Wind Energy Development within the New York Bight Region, 5/22/18

BOEM: BOEM Extends Comment Period for Providing Feedback on Agency’s Proposed Path Forward for Offshore Renewable Energy Leasing on the Atlantic, 5/18/18

BOEM: BOEM Seeks Information and Industry Interest in Offshore Wind Energy Development within the New York Bight Region, 4/12/18.

BOEM: BOEM Seeks Input on Path Forward for Future Offshore Renewable Energy Leasing on the Atlantic, 4/4/18.

New York State: Governor Cuomo Releases First-in-The-Nation Offshore Wind Master Plan to Guide New York's Development of Renewable Energy, 1/29/18.

BOEM: BOEM Increases Flexibility for Future Wind Projects with Draft Design Guidelines, 1/12/18.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior: Secretary Zinke Announces Plan For Unleashing America's Offshore Oil and Gas Potential, 1/4/18.

New York State: New York State Submits Offshore Areas for Potential Wind Development Off Atlantic Coast, 10/2/17.

BOEM: Federal Ocean Partnership Launches DEEP SEARCH Study of Coral, Canyons, and Seeps Off the Mid- and South Atlantic Coast, 9/20/17.

BOEM: President Trump and Secretary Zinke Open up Comment Period for New 5-Year National Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Program, 6/29/17.

NOAA Fisheries: Chris Oliver Appointed to Lead NOAA Fisheries, 6/19/17.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior: Interior Department Releases List of Monuments Under Review, Announces First-Ever Formal Public Comment Period for Antiquities Act Monuments, 5/5/17.

New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection: DEP Secures Army Corps Permits to Build New Artificial Reefs, 4/27/17

BOEM: Now Available: Report on Socio-Economic Impact of Wind Energy Development on Atlantic Fisheries, 3/30/17

Peter Benchley Awards: Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regional Planning Bodies and Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Planning Team Recognized with Excellence in Solutions Award

MARCO: Mid-Atlantic States Identify Wetland Restoration as Key Action for Reducing Climate Risk, 1/31/17

N.Y. State: Governor Cuomo Announces Approval of Largest Offshore Wind Project in the Nation, 1/25/17

N.Y. State Dept. of Environmental Conservation: State Department of Environmental Conservation Releases Final Ocean Action Plan for New York, 1/23/17.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior: Secretary Jewell Applauds President’s Withdrawal of Atlantic and Arctic Ocean Areas from Future Oil and Gas Leasing, 12/20/16

BOEM/U.S. Dept. of the Interior: Interior Department Auctions Over 79,000 Acres Offshore New York for Wind Energy Development, 12/16/16

Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council: NOAA Fisheries Announces Final Rule on Mid-Atlantic Council’s Frank R. Lautenberg Deep Sea Coral Protection Area, 12/14/16

WhiteHouse.gov: The Nation's First Ocean Plans, 12/7/16

Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body: Final MidA Regional Ocean Action Plan Submitted to the NOC for Certification, 11/2/16

BOEM: New York Commercial Wind Energy Lease Sale and Revised Environmental Assessment, 10/27/16.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior: Four years after Hurricane Sandy, BOEM and state partners release new reports outlining Atlantic offshore sand resources for coastal restoration, 10/24/16.

New York State: Governor Cuomo Announces Release of New York State Offshore Wind Blueprint, 9/15/16.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior: Energy Secretary Moniz and Interior Secretary Jewell Announce New National Offshore Wind Strategy to Drive Deployment, 9/9/16.

Monmouth University/Rutgers University: Moore Foundation Grants $1.2 Million to Monmouth U. to Support Progress on Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal, 8/17/16.

MARCO: MARCO Encourages Public Review of the Draft Regional Ocean Action Plan, 8/11/16.

MidA RPB/MARCO: Draft Ocean Action Plan Now Available, 7/5/16.

Monmouth University: Public Open House at Monmouth University for Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan July 14, 6/23/16.

BOEM: Interior Announces Milestone for New York Offshore Commercial Wind Energy, 6/2/16.

Northeast RPB: Read the Draft Northeast Ocean Plan, 5/25/16.

Monmouth University: Urban Coast Institute Joins Mid-Atlantic Coastal Resilience Project Team, 5/17/16.

Northeast RPB: Draft Plan and RPB Webinar May 25, 5/3/16.

MARACOOS: Annual Meeting in Annapolis, May 12-13, 2016

Monmouth University: Urban Coast Institute Report Examines How Mid-Atlantic Boaters Spend Time and Money, 4/21/16.

MARCO: Regional Workshop Held to Explore Submarine Canyons Science and Management, 4/11/16.

BOEM: BOEM Approves Virginia’s Offshore Wind Research Activities Plan, 3/24/16.

BOEM: BOEM publishes proposed rule governing negotiated agreements for sand, gravel and shell resources on the Outer Continental Shelf, 3/21/16.

BOEM: BOEM Proposal to Modernize and Improve Offshore Air Quality Monitoring, 3/17/16.

BOEM: Secretary Jewell Announces Milestone for Commercial Wind Energy Development Offshore New York, 3/16/16.

BOEM: Interior Department Announces Next Step in Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Planning Process for 2017-2022, 3/15/16.

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