Case studies

We regularly hear stories about how the Portal is being used to make decisions, solve problems and improve projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic. This page will share a few of these case studies so they may provide guidance and food for thought for others’ work. Please check back periodically for additional examples.

Use Examples

Wind and AIS

  • Marine planners with the U.S. Coast Guard's Fifth District used the Portal to design proposed anchorage areas to accommodate future vessel traffic in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay vicinities. Webinar
  • When TE SubCom built a 4,000-mile submarine communications cable from Virginia Beach to Spain, it used the Portal to design an alignment that avoided hot spots for bottom-tending fishing activities such as dredging and trawling. Fact sheet
  • Gotham Whale researchers are using the Portal to identify and build awareness of potential high-risk areas for marine mammal ship strikes in the NY-NJ area. Ocean Stories feature
  • The Portal Team collaborated with the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network to create a group of maps that will help researchers understand where monitoring gaps may exist in the region. Fact sheet
  • The Portal served as a centerpiece in a course for New York K-12 teachers dedicated to the Hudson Canyon’s critical importance as a natural and economic resource. Fact Sheet
  • Officials in the tugboat and barge industry are using the site to plan new routes that will steer safely clear of planned offshore wind areas in the Mid-Atlantic region. Fact sheet | Ocean Stories feature
  • The U.S. Coast Guard is also using the Portal to help guide discussions and show maritime industry stakeholders how they prepare for the new infrastructure at sea. Fact sheet | Ocean Stories feature

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